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Past Results

Welcome to QSC Breed Show and Breed Survey website

All entries must be received by September 23rd, 2017.  We will not be accepting entries at the day of the event. There is a $5 discount for entries received by September 9th, 2017

Entries received after September 23rd will be subjected to $30 late fee for entry. Entries that are no processed through Zooza will be subjected to $15 processing fee per entry.

Here is some important information about the show:

Who can enter:

USCA breed shows and breed surveys are opened to all exhibitors. USCA membership is not required to enter a show or breed survey.
Dogs 12 months and older must present proof of FCI or WUSV recognized registration. Dogs born in the United States must present an AKC registration.


Just as previous years we are using Zooza  registration site. If you've already created an account last year, you can enter this year with a click of a button.
 Zooza Event Page

Paper entries are available upon request. All paper entries must be received by September 23rd, 2017.



Look for an announcement


 If you are a handler and you want to have your contact published on this website, please email us.
If you are looking for a handler, email us and we'll do our best to help you.

Available handlers:

Dental Notation:

Dental notation will be offered at the show, after the end of classes. It's free for dogs entered in the show, for all others the fee is $10.00.
The dog must be at least 12 months old.
Dental notation form is either in the scorebook or can be downloaded from USCA website. Please bring the form with you with all informations filled in.

Breed Survey Requirements:

For SV Breed Survey:
BH and at least 1 IPO title under SV or USCA judge with minimum of 80 points in protection or HGH title
AD title under SV or USCA judge, HGH dogs and dogs older than 6 years do not need AD
SV elbow certification (a stamp), SV or OFA hip certification
Show rating of at least G under SV judge

For USCA Breed Survey
BH and IPO title under USCA recognized judge (USCA, GSSCC, SV, FCI from GSD organization) with a minimum of 80 points in protection or HGH title
AD title under USCA recognized judge, HGH dogs and dogs older than 6 years do not need AD
SV or OFA hip and elbow certification
Show rating of at least G under SV or USCA judge

Please don't forget that all classes over 12 months old have GUN TEST

Original paperwork required at check-in:

Paperwork Puppy Classes Youth/Young/Open Working Veteran Breed Survey 1st Breed Survey Life
FCI/SV recognized registration X X X X X X
Official Pedigree X X X X X X
USA Registration         X** X**
Hip Certification     X X X X
Elbow Certification     X X X X
Scorebook     X X X X
Show Card         X X
Original Survey     X*     X
Copy or USCA member card (if  member)         X X

* Dogs over 3,5 years old cannot receive  V rating if they do not have a breed survey
** All dogs participating in breed survey must be USCA registered. If the dog is not registered prior to breed survey you can submit completed registration form and registration fee with breed survey paperwork

Entry Fees:
We offer many discounts, it pays to register early! You get $5 early registration discount, an additional $5 discount if you enter in multiple classes (entering your dog in show, breedsurvey and AD would save you $10) and yet another discount of $5 per dog if you enter 4 and more dogs . These discounts are only available if you register online.
Email to request paper entry form.

Class Entry Deadline (9/9) This discount applies for online entries only. Entry Deadline (9/23) online entries Entry Deadline (9/23) paper entries Late Entries (after 9/23)
All puppy classes $35 $40 $55 $70
Young, Youth, Adult, Veteran $45 $50 $65 $80
Working $55 $60 $75 $90
Breed Survey SV $120 $125 $140 $155
Breed Survey USCA $80 $85 $100 $115
AD $55 $60 $75 $90 (C)  Quinebaug Schutzhund Club